Intevac’s industry-leading solar platforms enable improved cell performance and advanced cell production. The ENERGi® ion implant platform and processes meet industry demands today and are extensible to meet roadmap requirements. The Intevac Matrix® is a high-volume, high-throughput solution for advanced solar cell metallization.


Ion Implant for Solar Cell Manufacturing

Learn how Intevac leverages ion implant for increased efficiencies throughout the solar cell manufacturing process.

PVD for Solar

Learn about some of the advanced films for solar cell manufacturing made possible by Intevac’s variety of source technologies.



Intevac’s ENERGi platform is an innovative ion implant system specifically designed to meet the cost, efficiency and productivity requirements of solar cell manufacturing. ENERGi, a continuous flux ion source system, offers manufacturers the most cost-effective production solution.

Intevac Matrix PVD for Solar

The Intevac Matrix PVD platform is designed around efficient solar cell manufacturing. The system’s high-speed carrier-based transport system provides the highest productivity.