HDD Process Sources - Universal Source

Universal Source

Advanced control rotating magnetron assembly offers DC, pulsed DC and reactive sputtering. The high efficiency magnetic pole assembly provides high target utilization and full target surface erosion to achieve a low target cost per disk.

HDD Process Sources - High Temperature Header

High Temperature Heater

Enhanced heating source provides high rate heating at processing temperatures of 650° C with exceptional uniformity, which is important for the production of advanced magnetic thin film stacks for use in ultra high density recording applications.

HDD Process Sources - NCT Carbon Deposition System

NCT Carbon Deposition System

Source for ultra-thin (<20 °A), high-density carbon overcoat offers excellent corrosion resistance and low particle performance.

HDD Process Sources - Triatron Source

Triatron Source

Deposition source capable of independently depositing up to three different materials in the same process chamber simultaneously or sequentially, and can sputter from one or more of its three concentric rings targets. Most applicable for R&D activities where the study of various material composition ratios is required to select optimum performing magnetic thin film materials.

HDD Process Sources - Rotation Station

Rotation Station

Designed for glass disk processing. The rotation station provides full metal coverage on the disk by rotating about 10° between metal sputter steps. Glass disks are then ensured 100% metal coverage and can be followed with process steps including bias.

HDD Process Sources - Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) ETCH Source

Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) ETCH SOURCE

The ICP Etch Source has versatile, highly controllable, multi-application process capability for surface cleaning, isotropic etching and ashing with high etch rate up to 5 nm/sec.

HDD Process Sources - Confined Plasma Source

Confined Plasma Source

Confined Plasma Source generates high plasma density to produce high quality (density) film. The substrate is not immersed in plasma and exposed to direct ion bombardment resulting in lower surface damage on substrate.

HDD Process Sources - Dynamic Cooling Source

Dynamic Cooling Source

Evolved from earlier cooling sources, this source provides higher cooling rates than previously achieved which are required to rapidly reduce the temperature of thin film stacks produced at much higher process temperatures for advanced media applications.

HDD Process Sources - Radio Frequency (RF) Source

Radio Frequency (RF) Source

Operates at radio frequency and is most suitable for deposition of non-metallic (insulating) or high resistivity metal targets that may be used in advanced HAMR applications.

HDD Process Sources - Multi-Layer Source (MLS)

Multi-Layer Source (MLS)

Similar to the Triatron source, the MLS is capable of deposition of up to three different materials but operates in a pass by mode, and is more suited to actual manufacturing of multi-layer magnetic stack media with high throughput, excellent uniformity and low material usage. Materials are deposited from target material that are adjacent to each other as opposed to concentric target rings.

HDD Process Sources - Halo Etch Source

Halo Etch Source

High rate planar etch source fully compatible with the 200 Lean platform for use in producing patterned media. It is a capacitive coupled plasma etch source capable of etching patterned disks to support the high throughputs associated with the 200 Lean platform. The source may be used with inert or reactive gases.