The Leading Magnetic Media Manufacturing System

Today, the installed base of Intevac’s state-of-the-art 200 Lean® Perpendicular Magnetic Recording (PMR) deposition systems can process over 700 million disks per year.

The 200 Lean’s extendable modular architecture easily accommodates multiple disk sizes and the growing number of thin-film process steps required by advanced HDD technologies such as PMR, heat-activated media and eventually nano-patterned media. Film deposition capability includes hard magnetic layers, non-magnetic layers, soft under-layers and carbon layers.

200 Lean

Key Benefits

  • Capable of meeting a variety of requirements from disk sizes to advanced process steps
  • Increased process utilization
  • Configurable from 4 to as many as 28 process stations

The 200 Lean’s footprint is just a third of the nearest competitor’s system, and when combined with over 950 disks per hour (dph) throughput, enables a remarkable space utilization of 20 dph/ft² and the lowest total cost of ownership. The compact, flexible design increases process utilization from about 65% to 80% by reducing the disk transport time between process stations to less than one second.

200 Lean Upgrades

Upgrades put the system at the forefront of magnetic media manufacturing technology, while maintaining the same high rates of efficiencies. Several mechanical system improvements may be incorporated into the existing 200 Lean platform that can increase throughput of the tool to 1,000 disks per hour (depending on customer-specific process configurations).

  • Improved vacuum performance
  • More reliable handling
  • Reduced disk defects
  • Upgraded 25 dph/ft² throughput, versus original 20 dph/ft²

Upgrade kits are available to enhance the performance of currently installed 200 Lean systems.