Add Personality to the Smartphone

Optically-engineered, multi-layer film stacks unlock a virtually limitless range of colors, gradients and patterned effects for back cover glass. Intevac’s Non-Conductive Vacuum Metallization (NCVM) technologies expand the design freedom of the next generation of smartphones.

Combining etch and deposition processes created this design, one of many possibilities.

Key Benefits

  • Deposition – PVD sputtering technology produces high-density metallic and dielectric films with full control of color properties.
  • Patterning – Proprietary ion beam etch technology and masking techniques enable sharply defined patterns as well as gradient effects.
  • Flexibility – Film stacks can be applied directly on the inside or outside of back cover glass, and on plastic films which are later bonded to the inside of back cover glass.

Gradient capabilities enable controlled transitions between specified colors.

Intevac’s decorative coatings are produced in high-volume manufacturing environments with the Vertex Marathon® platform. These dense coatings can be further protected on exterior surfaces by DiamondClad™️. Our thin film process portfolio and manufacturing platforms are also used for anti-reflective (AR) coatings on display cover glass, camera lenses and more.