The Vertex Marathon™ is the newest generation in the Vertex family, created for high-volume manufacturing of optical coatings on substrates such as smartphone display cover glass, ceramic and plastic for backside cases. This versatile platform is configurable for a variety of precise, multi-step thin film coatings.


  • DiamondClad™ – Intevac’s optically clear and ultra-durable protective coating that provides anti-scratch performance similar to sapphire.
  • Decorative Coatings – A variety of non-conductive vacuum metallization (NCVM) and pattern etch processes generate an infinite palette of colors and effects.
  • Anti-Reflective (AR) Coatings – The Marathon deposits AR coatings that can be combined with DiamondClad to make them the hardest and most scratch-resistant in the industry.

The Vertex Marathon includes a vertically-oriented carrier transport system and combines the best features of in-line systems and drum coaters. The platform is modular and expandable like an in-line system, yet enables batch processing and continuous, multiple-pass operation similar to a drum coater. Its unique design achieves an optimum combination of high throughput, flexibility and small footprint. The new platform is compatible with all process technologies developed in the previous Vertex generation.