Cover glass on smart devices has improved in toughness, but it has not advanced in scratch and abrasion resistance. Intevac’s new DiamondClad™ technology, an optically clear diamond-like carbon coating, is the premier scratch and abrasion protection solution for today’s and tomorrow’s device cover glass.

Mohs 8 Screenshots

Unprecedented Protection

DiamondClad is Intevac’s newest generation of durable coatings designed to extend the life of display glass on touchscreen devices. The new coating process of DiamondClad produces a film that is highly resistant to scratches and hazing from normal wear and accidents, significantly improving the life of the device and overall user experience.

Key Benefits

  • Clearly better – Optically clear with a transmittance rate of 91% and db* of 1.1.
  • Superior anti-scratch – In scratch testing, DiamondClad has a hardness of Mohs7. It is far superior to other coatings, which fail at Mohs 5 and less.
  • Real world tested – Sand, keys, denim, chlorine and perspiration are used to test the protection and durability of DiamondClad. It outperforms competitors’ coatings across the board, by up to six times.

DiamondClad extends scratch and abrasion protection to new levels and is now commercially available in DiamondDog screen protectors. The protection of DiamondClad can also be applied to Intevac’s Decorative Coatings on back cover glass via the Vertex Marathon® platform.