Intevac provides cost-effective solutions to manufacturers that add value to their smart device products. Significantly enhanced screen durability and decorative back cover designs are made possible by Intevac’s portfolio of process technologies and platforms.



Cover glass on smart devices has improved in toughness, but it has not advanced in scratch and abrasion resistance. Intevac’s new DiamondClad technology, an optically clear diamond-like carbon coating, is the premier scratch and abrasion protection solution for today’s and tomorrow’s device cover glass.

Decorative Coatings

Intevac’s portfolio of deposition and patterning technologies enable full control of thin film stacks for optically engineered effects. An unlimited palette of colors, gradients and patterns offers manufacturers value-added design choices for smartphone back cover glass.


Vertex Marathon

Combining the best features of both in-line systems and drum coaters, Intevac’s Vertex Marathon is the most versatile platform for high-volume manufacturing of a variety of optical coatings on glass, plastic and ceramic substrates in a wide range of sizes.

Intevac Vertex®

Intevac’s Vertex platform is designed for manufacturing multiple film types in one system. The Vertex’s unique design incorporates horizontal sputtering and is optimized to transport and process small size substrates.