Intevac is a leader in the design, development, and commercialization of advanced thin film deposition systems. Intevac strives to meet the growing demand for new and more efficient technologies in a wide range of applications.

Hard Disk Drive

Growth in cloud-based storage requires the most efficient mass production of hard disks. Intevac’s 200 Lean® platform and its flexible architecture allow for continuing process technology and throughput advancements.

Display Cover Panel

Greater screen durability and unique cover glass designs provide users even more value in today’s smart devices. Intevac’s new DiamondClad™️ and Decorative Coatings processes are available on the Intevac Vertex Marathon® platform.


A greener tomorrow is fueled by Intevac’s ENERGi® and Intevac MATRIX® PVD platforms for advanced solar cell production. Harness even more energy from the power of the sun.

Advanced Packaging

Multiple deposition applications can now be addressed with one platform, the Intevac MATRIX® PVD System. This versatile platform enables processes on the widest range of substrate sizes.