Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording (HAMR)

The practical approach is to integrate a laser and optical system (waveguide and aperture) into the magnetic recording head and engineer an efficient coupling of the laser energy into the media. A whole new class of magnetic materials must also … Read more

Patterned Media

Patterned media technologies involve a photolithographic patterning of the recording media. This patterning allows the head placement during operation to be physically pre-printed on each disk, reducing drive manufacturing costs. Traditionally, the magnetic servo pattern in a drive has to … Read more

Perpendicular Magnetic Recording (PMR)

Planar PMR disks consist of a stack of thin layers deposited sequentially across the entire disk surface in a vacuum system. Each layer performs a specific function to ensure vertical media orientation and magnetization perpendicular to the plane of the … Read more

200 Lean

The 200 Lean’s footprint is just a third of the nearest competitor’s system, and when combined with over 950 disks per hour (dph) throughput, enables a remarkable space utilization of 20 dph/ft² and the lowest total cost of ownership. The … Read more

Hard Disk Drive (HDD)

Intevac is the global market leader for HDD magnetic media equipment. Over 65% of the world’s hard disk output is produced on Intevac’s systems—more than 50 million disks per month. Today, Intevac is working with key customers to develop the … Read more

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