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Intevac Matrix PVD for Fan-Out Packaging and UBM

Intevac announced at the Needham Growth conference, in mid-January 2018, its successful efforts developing the MATRIX PVD system for fan-out wafer level packaging (FOWLP) and fan-out panel level packaging (FOPLP) applications. Starting at IWLPC 2017 (October 2017), and continuing with EPTC 2017, SEMICON Japan 2017, SEMICON Korea 2018, DPC 2018, and beyond, Intevac has been sharing technical details about FOWLP and FOPLP sputter deposition processes for barrier/seed layer films in Cu Redistribution Layer (RDL) and UBM applications.… Read more

Display Cover Panel

Intevac provides cost-effective solutions to manufacturers that add value to their smart device products. Significantly enhanced screen durability and decorative back cover designs are made possible by Intevac’s portfolio of process technologies and platforms. Applications Platforms


The Intevac Vertex™ system implements a modular design concept for multiple film types in a single system. Intevac’s initial coating product for Vertex provides an optically transparent hard protective coating targeting display cover glass typically found on consumer electronic products such as mobile phones, mobile computing devices (tablet computers), wearable electronics and automotive infotainment systems. … Read more

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