The NightVista® family of cameras utilizes Intevac’s patented EBAPS® CMOS technology. Designed for a range of nighttime and low light imaging conditions, NightVista cameras have the ability to provide clear imagery from conditions of extreme darkness through the twilight transition period.

The M611-05 camera integrates a high voltage power supply (HVPS), temperature sensor, flash memory to store image correcting parameters and additional support electronics. The photons from the scene are focused onto the sensor photocathode and the resulting photoelectrons are accelerated across a vacuum gap. From here, the photoelectrons are proximity-focused on the back-illuminated CMOS anode to produce digital image intensified (DI2) video with very low noise.

NightVista M611

Key Benefits

  • Proprietary ISIE11 sensor technology
  • 1600×1200 pixel UXGA resolution
  • 60Hz frame rate
  • Configurable for either rolling or snapshot shutter

With Intevac’s patented low halo technology and automatic gain control (AGC), the NightVista M611-05 is highly effective operating in extreme low light conditions and in limited day mode without the customary halo associated with analog night vision devices.