Intevac’s Core Sensor Technology

Intevac’s patented Electron Bombarded Active Pixel Sensor (EBAPS®) is the core of our extreme low-light products for the defense industry. This proprietary technology provides the foundation for our cameras and systems; serving pilotage, surveillance, reconnaissance, weapon sight and precision targeting applications.

The EBAPS sensor achieves state-of-the-art night vision performance in a compact, lightweight and low-power package by eliminating the complex components associated with traditional image intensifier assemblies.

How DI2 Works

How it works:

  1. Photocathode absorbs photons, allowing electrons to be emitted.
  2. High voltage accelerates electrons.
  3. CMOS image sensor collects electrons.
  4. Digital output is created.

Intevac’s EBAPS technology is based on a III-V semiconductor photocathode in proximity-focus with a high resolution, backside-thinned CMOS chip anode. The electrons emitted by the photocathode are directly injected in the electron bombardment mode into the CMOS anode. Then the electrons are collected, amplified and read to produce digital video directly out of the sensor.

Light Spectrum Addressed

EBAPS Spectrum
Visible/Near-Infrared: Selectable by photocathode choice
Resolution/Frame Rate/Low Power: Selectable by silicon sensor choice

NOTE: This product is under the export control of the Office of Defense Trade Controls, U.S. Department of State, and is subject to the International Traffic in Arms Regulations. Transshipment to any destination outside of the United States without the knowledge and consent of the Office of Defense Trade Controls is strictly prohibited.