The World’s First Back-Illuminated CMOS Camera

MicroVista® low-power C-mount compatible cameras combine 100% fill-factor and high Quantum Efficiency (QE) from proprietary coatings that provide Near-Infrared (NIR) or Ultraviolet (UV) sensitivity comparable to scientific-grade CCD cameras. With their small form factor and 1280×1024, 10.8 µm resolution, MicroVista cameras are ideal for OEM and end-user applications.


MicroVista NIR

MicroVista NIR Response

MicroVista UV

MicroVista UV Response

MicroVista NIR Applications

  • Low-light NIR imaging
  • Biometrics security
  • NIR microscopy
  • Medical imaging
  • NIR hyperspectral imaging

MicroVista UV Applications

  • Semiconductor wafer inspection and mask alignment
  • Automotive leak detection and surface inspection
  • Forensic fingerprint analysis, counterfeit currency and documents
  • UV microscopy, metrology and laser beam diagnostics
  • Medical imaging